Garuda Linux in other languages?

I like your distribution and so wish to know what are your plans/ideas to going more international: Garuda Apps, Forum, Wiki? Maybe a Meta-package for by example german which, when installation is done in german, offers also to install the additional language packs for firefox, thunderbird, libreoffice for german?

As you can see garuda wiki already supports several languages, people can post in their own language on forum and if the community member who knows the language is available and knows how to solve your issue they might reply or if someone is willing to use a translator like google translate things are going to be easier.

I think the additional language packs were in garuda setup assistant at some step? Maybe someone else can shed some more light on that since I might just be remembering wrong.


I tried it for the german language and got this:

You mean Applications > Settings > Garuda Settings > Language Packs?
There is something under available and something under installed but the installed are there only cause I installed them by Octopi myself by hand and not cause they were suggested, I think.

╭─peter@zehlendorf in ~ took 57ms
Should this λ a # or a $ or a special of Garuda?

I see maybe there’s no maintainer for other languages just yet. Or you could contribute too. Or you can just use a google translate. :person_shrugging:

That’s starship’s doing. starship is a cross shell prompt. you can change the way your shell looks by editing ~/.config/starship.toml

To know more about starship visit


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