Garuda Linux I3WM

well... time for a honest review

weird flex but ok


Let me guess, he might have started new topic, but fell asleep before he could post more :laughing:

It is 2:45 am right now in India, and not everyone is knight commander :wink:


haha you are somewhat right @Naman

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the thing is i wanted to try a new window manager (i3wm)... first thought came into my mind was Garuda... so i installed and used for 3-4hrs.... got confused... little bit clumsy... was looking for minimalistic i3wm ... so had to install ArchLinux with i3 but few of the things not working fine.... so iam confused what to do...

@Naman there are few first looks.... and most of my videos were recorded using a vm on Garuda :heart: :heart:

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