Garuda Linux Hyprland cannot boot into live USB

Already trying rufus, balenaEtcher to make a bootable usb
When booting up showing no such participant boot into grup rescure no matter what I try. Also trying to install Live ubuntu to test if my USB with 2 of those software and it boot up normally. Also I tried garuda linux hyprland before and it work well. but now it wont work

Which iso file name precisely?
Have you verified the checksum?
If so, try also with Ventoy.
The latest development build (Hyprland is always “experimental” so going to a development build is ok) is here currently:


I have found this method works the best. Hopefully this one works for you.

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Filename: garuda-hyprland-linux-zen-231029.iso
I had verified the checksum
Letme try ventoy

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please use the latest ISO as linked by filo here :


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