Garuda Linux "Golden Eagle" iso refresh (201022)

Hey guys,
Its time for another iso refresh! A few nice changes are being shipped such as more BTRFS subvolumes or visual enhancements along with major version upgrades for KDE Plasma and Linux-zen 5.9.1 :slight_smile:
Also the GNOME editions should now boot as expected.

The changelog is as follows:

  • All editions:
    • Added back guest user support via Calamares postconfig (no userid issues)
    • Updated Calamares slideshow to keep up with changes
    • Calamares will now create @ @srv @cache @log @root @home @tmp BTRFS subvolumes, snapshots are configured for this layout
    • Nohang now also checks ZRAM values to determine low memory situations
    • Added profile-sync-daemon which moves browser profiles to RAM at startup which increases performance & SSD lifetime
    • Added memavaild & prelockd to further enhance OOM situations
  • GNOME:
    • Added back extensions:
      • Added eyecandy (coverflow alt+tab & transparent shell extensions)
      • Added auto-dimming of screen if on battery
      • Move tweaks to system menu
      • Added back mutter-performance, gnome-shell-performance, nautilus-typeahead (updated)
    • Replaced GDM with LightDM & i3lock as GDM has driver issues resulting in neverending boot(will switch back once issues are gone)
  • i3wm:
    • Added blur & rounded corners
  • Wayfire:
    • Added Waybar
  • BSPWM:
    • Enabled tap to click by default
  • Barebones (KDE/GNOME)
    • Now uses LTS kernel by default
  • Garuda-zsh-config:
    • Removed IP from p10k theme
  • Garuda-browser-settings:
    • Added some more privacy defaults
    • FF83+ native HTTPS only feature activated by default

Notable version updates of included software:

  • Linux-zen 5.9.1
  • Plasma 5.20
  • Firefox 82

And finally, the downloads can be found at the website, updated in time! :grin:
Upload to Sourceforge & OSDN is still in progress.


Are flatpak subvolumes also created?

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I'm very curious what privacy tweaks does Garuda make to firefox? @dr460nf1r3

Will give the new iso a try when it's up on something that downloads fast enough :wink:

Some are taken from the Archwiki page of Firefox, most of them are from though. They consist of about:config values.
If you want to know which ones are used exactly, the distribution.ini is on GitLab :slight_smile:


boom.... time for a full system upgrade.... @librewish @SGS is it okay to dual boot garuda with windows as i have moved all my editimg stuffs to windows.... i record my videos in linux and edit them in windows....

Just curious we have to do perform full re-install or take advantage of upgrade to ensure proper filesystems and new features are utilized?

If you want to get the new subvolume layout a reinstall will be needed. There are ways to do it without but I find them to be rather complicated :sweat_smile:
System settings such as memlockd for example will be updated by pacman and user / theming can be applied by copying the contents of /etc/skel to ~/ or creating a new user profile

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I do not use Win so I can’t help, keep backup files on USB … to be on secure side :slight_smile:

What do you use in win for edit videos that is missing in arch linux?

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Not one iso is working.i tried everyone

It work here, I tested only GNOME lite on old AMD PC

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adobe primere pro.... actually the thing is for the last few edits im getting worried about rendering time... earlier a 10 min video in 1080p rendering used to take max 20 min in kdenlive/shotcut .... bit now it is taking more then 45min... sometimes more than an hour.... so just to test this i have started editing in premere pro to check if everything is ok....

moreover i couldn't use DRI_PRIME OPTION as my system hangs... but DRI_PRIME works fine in ubuntu..... i dnt know what is the issue here

I see that the Barebones edition references using the LTS Kernel. Is that LTS Kernel also an option in the other ISOs, or just the Barebones edition? Thank you!

You can personally replace zen with lts. But we are sorry that we can’t provide that much iso. :sweat_smile:


so the new install screen I have one piece of feedback it says using virtual machine is not recommended I would suggest this to be changed to installing on a virtual machine instead of using now it sounds like using a virtual machine on Garuda is a bad idea instead of using Garuda on a virtual machine.

for the rest the pictures being incorrectly resized seems to be fixed so good job :+1:

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The reason this is on the website is Garuda uses many optimizations that are only of benifit on a system installed to bare metal. Virtualization may be a good way to get a feel for most distro’s but most distros do not use zram (and other advanced features we use) out of the box.

This can lead to a very poor experience in some cases when run in a VM. The distro works best when installed to bare metal and that is why it is stated up front it is not recommended to be used in a virtual environment.


Ok, I’m probably dense, but I am freshly updated and I created a new user to check out these mythical rounded corners. I didn’t see anything. What am I missing?
Oh, unless you replaced the i3 package in the new ISO with the rounded corners git?

Make sure to have picom-ibhagwan-git installed as its the part responsible for corners :point_up:

First world problems, sheesh. :smiley:

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