Garuda linux dr46nized wifi problem

I installed garuda linux dr46onized today. I dual booted with my windows 10 on my samsung ssd.

   I had pretty good internet connection for a while and I installed google chrome and some apps but after a while my Networks tab as shown in picture says no available connections and I tried doing and googling many things but couldn't find the reason. 

Like in above pic there is no wifi on/off button but there was when I installed it.
I tried many thing but none of those things worked.

There is also iwconfig and ip link commands ran in the above pic.
Any help would be appreciated. I loved the garuda linux but this network problem is eating me off.

No pic's, please.

inxi need a space as example.

how to post terminal outputs.

Also watch your typing - it's modprobe !


I would suggest looking on the Archwiki for directions on how to "disable MAC Address randomization".

It is possible this may be made the default in the future as it tends to cause these type of issues for some users.

Be sure to reboot your computer and router after making the required change.


okay I got the solution.
we have to go to Garuda network assistant and then do restart the wifi module and then restart the laptop (not shutdown and start).

I am really amazed to the instant support of the forum and I really think this is going to be one of the most used linux.




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That should not be required on a regular basis. If it is, then implement my prior suggestion.


right now everything works fine but if I face same problem in future I'll do what you said.

And thanks again I really appreciate your help.


Sorry but I have same problem and this method didnt worked.

Please do not necrobump old posts. Open your own help request with your full system specifications provided by the inxi command as detailed in the Garuda Wiki section on "Reporting bugs".

Do not post command outputs as pictures or your thread will be locked.