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I think you might have sent this to the wrong person.

Mail-Server problem, I opened your account manuell. :wink:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks, much appreciated.

You guys might want to checkout the discussion about a off-topic forum on the new Manjaro forums. Good chance for you to do them one better.

Manjaro, I do not know new Manjaro forum :slight_smile:


The old one just happened to implode, supposedly do to a bad backup. Convenient right after they pushed out a key staff member.

There are plenty of other options out there. This is one of the better ones.


Yes it is. After some of the staff there started acting like DICK-tators I decided to give Garuda another run cause back when it first got started I could see the potential. Installed it along side of Manjaro yesterday and calling it fast would be an extreme understatement.

Fun area is for fun :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

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Please don’t take this as a personal attack, but I’m going to give my personal opinion on the Manjaro debacle once and then hopefully we can then drop this line of posts.

Many of the users here are well known to each other from the Manjaro forum. Many of us were happy using Manjaro for quite some time. The Manjaro Devs work very hard producing their distro, as do all Devs working on Linux projects.

I would really be disappointed to see this forum turn into a three ring circus constantly deriding Manjaro and the debacle that is occurring there. Frankly, that is why I recently stopped posting on the EndeavourOS forum and instead came here.

I simply got tired of the endless threads discussing the ongoing situation at the Manjaro forum. If you wish to discuss Manjaro and their issues please do so in Private Messages not via the main forum here.

Regardless of what anyone’s opinion is of Manjaro the place to discuss it is on the Manjaro forum not here. The Garuda forum is really not the place to sling dirt at Manjaro. We all love Linux and we should try to avoid distro bashing if possible.

I discuss the ongoing issues at Manjaro on a daily basis as it does concern me as well. I simply keep the discussions private in PM’s and I would highly appreciate it if other users could do likewise.

Please try to keep discussions about the Manjaro forum on the Manjaro forum (not here).


it;s a general area, NOT just a fun zone.

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