Garuda Linux: A Refreshing Linux Distro for Linux Enthusiasts

New Garuda review....


Garuda Linux editions have relatively low software support.

Chaotic-AUR + AUR doesn't seem to count in here :face_with_monocle::shushing_face:


"Again, you will have a lot of open source app support and other ready-to-use packages. By the way, the interface is eye-catching, but the transition effects, color sense, and wallpaper sense are not up to the Mark. If you want to use this as your daily OS solely, then avoid and choose Ubuntu over it."

Now the question remains which Garuda DE is he referring to?

Uses a dusty Ubuntu OS, as if the wallpapers at Garuda were set in stone.
Oh ..., you can easily customize them to your liking?
Then rather Garuda :smiley:

The automotive industry has long recognized this.
Put old hardware in a new dress, and the customer buys it because he doesn't want to have an old design standing in front of the door.


Overall I thought it was a very positive review. Sure there were a few inaccuracies, but what review ever gets everything 100% correct. Especially as most reviewers haven't actually used Garuda for an extended period of time, so a lack of understanding of all facets of Garuda is only to be expected.

Imagine someone who has never used KDE trying to write a review after a week or two. Heck, I've been a KDE user for longer than I can remember and I still encounter things I didn't know about KDE before.

I think overall that reviewer was more accurate than the average review online, (especially more so than most YouTube reviews).


Because that feature was only recently added to KDE :sweat_smile:

Overall I thought it was a very positive review. Sure there were a few inaccuracies, but what review ever gets everything 100% correct.

Is there any reviewer that contacts the creators of the software/product/whatever before releasing the review to public?


Another Garuda review hit the streets....


All in all,
"I would not recommend it for serious development, projects, media related work."

Damn, why do I use Garuda Linux, for over 2 years exactly for these things and without problems? :slight_smile:

Because I could fix mine and update errors with timeshift.
With installations on new hardware that include Snapper, I had no issues.

This caught my attention from the second review:

The default KDE Plasma edition of Garuda Linux takes around 6.4 GB of disk space.
Garuda requires 30 GB of disk space, which I overlooked before installing. And it also seems a hard requirement, and the Calamares installer is configured that way. So, you have to have a minimum of 30 GB of root partition to install this version of Garuda Linux.

Personally, I would recommend at least 3X that space to install Garuda. BTRFS and a bunch of snapshots can consume a lot of space. Those who are unfamiliar with btrfs may very quickly regret installing with the minimum recommended size.


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