Garuda kde theme broken after update

after update garuda theme get ugly .i donot know why it is happenign .can anyone tell me why

at first the look was simple but after update all borders are bold and black

Settings -> Plasma style -> Sweet? :eyes:

Tbh, looks quite the same here (for some time now) - I guess you gotta embrace the fact that looks changes sometimes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


thanks Nico:)) by the way the dock apps are also same :rofl:
can you tell me where did you got dragon logo of your nico dp

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So it turned out that this is actually a bug and not a theme change, lol :rofl: Good news though, it will be fixed in KDE frameworks 5.85 :grin:

Thats @SGS magic btw!


It seems to be fixed finally! - my sanity returns :star_struck: :joy:


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