Garuda - Kde Plasma Wayland

I Have installed Garuda Ultimate and use at as my main OS for about a week , today just playing with Wayland i discover a bug: When i 'm on Plasma Wayland the Application Launcher is almost impossible to open instead it open application that are reside in taskbar (auto run or just loaded) doesn't matter what app there is i closed the one that where opened when i click in the launcher and now it opens the next one , anyway returned to x11 just informing about what i discover

::laughing: :rofl:

Wayland is still experimental in KDE so dont use it if you want to have a good experience :eyes:


Yes i get this i returned to x11 anyway even after the 5.21 still the problem exist , i will try it again some time later cause i don't have any issue with plasma x11 just trying to see the difference...