Garuda KDE latte settings crash after update from fresh install

garuda KDE latte settings crash after update from fresh install. works great while in kernel 5.8.5 and nivdia 450.x, but when updates take place to kernel 5.8.10 and Nvidia 455, I see latte settings trying to setup but then crashes and then get blank desktop with just Garuda welcome. Not sure how to troubleshoot latte auto settings during login to provide error log.

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Ok so I deleted the config now I have a vanilla version of KDE. I am not good at theming KDE like devs have done. Is there anyway to release an updated iso. KDE ultimate ISO is a bit dated by Arch Standards. Feedback on this is appreciated.


Me too :slight_smile:

Garuda KDE theming was made by @librewish .

We cannot solve the latte dock problems because we have not caused them.

Run the last working snapshot in Boot-Grub and wait until the bug is fixed. :wink:

Ohh OK so this a known issue? I honestly did not search the forum to see if there was a fix or 9f this was discussed before. Newbie move.

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Why not simply add the standard default KDE panel in the meantime (that is very easy to do).

Simply right click on your desktop:

+Add Panel ---> Default Panel

Customize the panel by adding or removing widgets to your tastes.

You can change the width and height of the panel (and make it slide out) like latte dock if you desire. KDE Is hugely configurable. Experiment and you may even prefer your home brewed results.Try it you may like it.