Garuda kde gamer edition

sudo hi. A couple or three questions. How often should you update garuda. No matter how you go into updates, something comes, even kernels that are not stable may arrive. Do I need to update it as soon as the update icon appears in the tray or always? I like the distribution where everything is for the gamer, but I also don’t like that there are games installed there that I never run, how can I remove it? And if there is zram, then you need swap?
Well, has Manjaro or Garuda become more stable and breaks less?

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When ever you feel like it, the updates procedure is something the user decides to go thru.

Depends on the options you have choose, like custom kernels etc. But generally kernels are a thing that you choose depending on your hardware.

For example, i have amd zen2 cpu 3900X 12c24t, i won’t choose a kernel that is zen4 cause it won’t be fully supported by my system.

Again it’s up to you mate… most arch based distro users update like every 10 minutes, me, i update like once a week and check if any options appear on the terminal.

There isn’t a thing you can’t remove from the system, you can use a GUI package manager if it’s easier for you, but you can remove anything via command sudo pacman -Rns package-name careful not to remove core system packages.

Different wrapper of same system, yes, but both of them have traits that are great. Personally since i learned about Garuda (specifically Hyprland version) i’m all into it.

A system is as stable as the user doesn’t tamper with it.
Another thing to tamper with .config files and another for tampering with kernels and custom patches.

Hope my reply helps get a handle of things! :wink::blush:


Thank you, comprehensive answers. The sailors have no questions

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I’ll just add so as not to create a post. The image of gaming editions on the site without dancing is not updated, there is a problem with signatures.
In the meantime, I’m struggling to mount additional ext4 and ntfs disks, otherwise the torrents are complaining that they are disabled.

They are in the process of swapping servers from what i’ve read. So we wait!

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