Garuda KDE Dr460nized with Multimedia look

Hi everyone, new user here.

After tinkering for a few days with dr460nized, I decided to try the multimedia edition for its look. I fell in love with its simple yet beautiful design, but it's hella bloated with tons of stuff I won't ever use. Is there a way to have the MacOS-like look of the multimedia edition on a way less bloated version like the dr640nized? Thank you

You can either uninstall unwanted softwares using "Add/Remove Software" in multimedia edition or change global theme,colors,plasma look etc. in settings/appearance/ of Dr460nized version. You can search youtube "KDE Customization macos bigsur" and customize.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

You can use Garuda KDE Dr460nized and use garuda-gamer to install your own bloated stuff :wink: easily.


That's not what I meant. All I asked was if I could have a consistent MacOS-like style (like in the Garuda KDE Multimedia edition) but without all the useless (for me) bloats (4gb and a ton of stuff I don't need don't seem convenient just for the looks); other than that, dr460nized UI kinda broke after a simple system update:

here it is from the live usb (and after a fresh install)

and here it is after a system update: the top corner icons for app drawer and menu were strangely replaced, the folder icon is missing, and all those blank links of non existent applications in the dock were automatically added

I fail to see the broken part appearently (y, flameshot looks weird in this screenshot)? :eyes:
Edit: y after the update it looks messed up. Did you apply configs & relog (Garuda assistant)


It looks weird because i clicked it instead of pressing the Print button, my bad. Other than that, it was normal. Btw i just posted the screenshot with the "broken" things

Edit: I'll try to apply configs and relog, thanks

I tried to apply config and relog from Garuda Assistant, but it had no effect, it's still messed up

@dr460nf1r3 sorry to bother you, but I saw you checked your response as a solution, but it didn't produce any result as it's still messed up..

Na, that was not me (everyone can do this) :sweat_smile:
The latte dock issue is fixed however Ill need to take a look at why the icons are out of place :thinking:


I'm sorry, I still need to learn how the forum works. Thank you very much for your time and kindness

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Just a heads up for everyone, the issue has just been fixed. Also the BeautyLine icons received some love by its creator so there are also new icons in place :slight_smile: