Garuda KDE Dr460nized Vs Hyprland

New to the forum, so sorry if posting in the wrong place.

I’ve been Using Garuda KDE Dr460nized for a while on/off, but i feel like i want to take the jump now and completely say good bye to Windows(for the most part), and go full send on Linux my question is simply what people would recommend, mainly my PC is used for Gaming & a bit of scripting/‘coding’ in VSC. – Been looking at flashing to either Garuda KDE Dr460nized or Garuda Hyprland –

I’m well aware that some/a lot of games wont run on Linux, which is why my plan is to keep a tiny sideload with windows on hand for the nights where i have to play games which aint available on Linux.

Been looking a bit on youtube & such to see, and i found a video about Hyprland, kinda dig the look of it, but is it a lot harder to get used to? seems like a lot of it is hotkeys? instead of like simply move mouse to X,Y and click to open stuff? I mean i barely use my mouse already to open stuff except if its inside some deep folder.

  • Ty very much for any inputs! ( Sorry for my english, ain’t my native language :slight_smile: )

On the downloads page scroll to the bottom, you will notice Hyprland falls under advanced users only.
KDE dr460nized will be easy to use from the get go, while hyprland would require some short or long learning curve depending on your commitment.

With KDE dr460nized, you will enjoy all the customizable power that come with KDE, one that I love is [switching between workspaces, and desktops]
Apps made for qt will also generally avoid annoying you.

Hyprland might be stressfull in the beginning. Its like riding a manual car, you will have to be a black thumb sometimes. However, once everything clicks, as with all tiling managers you will be the fastest man alive. You will literally be 99% faster than when using floating managers (KDE).

With Garuda, both spins have been looked after with a lot of care. Infact I use both (in two separate instances). Just remember that if you choose Hyprland, you will have to commit to it, no matter how many times you screw up.


I did notice it said advanced, just kinda wanted to know what the advanced part is, i mean is it because like e.g. 90% is done through terminal with commands or is it like ‘just’ the part of it being mainly through hotkeys? Could you give some example of what you mean about the learning curve

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The advance part is Nvidia mostly
For some users it is still not working, and they need to configure according to their own hardware specifications .

And yeah Hyprland is still beta :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay i might go with they ‘normal’ version then for now, could always sideload hyprland with a few 100gigs and test it :slight_smile: ty for that information


However, for anyone with physically disabled hands/fingers, Hyprland is a true Nightmare.

I’ll pass on that then as my brain is disabled?

Well, old friend, we already know that! :duck:

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten tired of this new (to me) OS called “Windows 11” I’ve been experimenting with. It’s a quiet Thursday morning, just a little light snow. I think I’ll get out of everyone’s hair and install Arch. :slight_smile:

Don’t do that they will think we are ganging up on them.

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Delete system 32 folder , it would be somewhere in system , you will get much high performing OS :wink:


Delete Windows, install Garuda or your fave OG Arch :rofl:

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Too late. :wink:

Done! :smiley:

Always such good advice from the forum wags! :smiley: :rofl: :+1:


right now I am running dr460nized garuda linux.
But I would really like to have hyprland with garuda customizations as well, so I can easily switch.

Do you know how I can achieve this easily?

is there a repo with the dotfiles or something?

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You can dual book garuda hyprland and garuda dragonized

In hyprland currently there is work going on in an optional script which can automate some of the stuffs :slightly_smiling_face:
(which IDK exactly whether it had got released in downloads page or not .)
and yeah , you will be able to use some animated wallpapers in it too.

But it’s totally your decision :slightly_smiling_face:

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As someone who is presently using hyprland but looking to switch to kde dragonized, it sure is fun(guilty pleasure: i really enjoy explaining how to use my laptop to anyone who wants to borrow it) I definitely really enjoy using key bindings but i just don’t seem to enjoy the idea of tiling windows “rigged” as default. If you like the idea then you can always change the keybindings to what comes naturally for you I feel like if i was daily driving a dual monitor setup of some sort, I would really enjoy it.
Tldr, it is definitely not hard to get used to.


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