Garuda is the best binary distro so far

Hello Garuda folks!

One of the best thing of Garuda Linux is really its progress and catching awesome apps that no other distro does. Today after a while I booted to Garuda Dr460nized Gaming edition's live USB and I discovered JamesDSP which is amazing (I was looking for something like this from a long time)! I would just like to let the developers know that I really love the way they are doing and appreciate it. I currently don't have enough time to spend time in this forum supporting others, but I think giving such a nice feedback is something better than nothing. Keep going, this distro is one of the best binary distro so far! :heart_eyes:


JamesDSP gives me better/easier sound quality & control than any other of the ones (so far). I believe @ dr460nf1r3 mentioned it was his idea to include it.


I suspected this since I found this in dr460nized edition only :smiley::dragon:


All I know is it beats the heck out of the Windows DSP for which I paid good money to produce lower audio quality & control than James does better in Linux--and for free.


What do you guys do in JamesDSP to improve the audio over stock? I've looked through it but I'm scared to do anything so curious if there's any profiles or general guidelines you guys follow

I use the widener, reverb, and the (first) EQ, to improve the sound quality and produce a surround sound-type speaker output when streaming movies, music, etc. My subwoofer outputs a bit too much Bass, so JamesDSP also compensates for that.

Better head back to Windows. :wink: Learning Linux is not for the faint of heart. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@Grimy1928, you've got a brilliant new landscape to explore and make your home. Protect what is important to you--your documents, music, pictures, etc. Then go out and play. You may get bumped and bruised a bit along the way, but you'll heal quickly. And if you're like I am, the joy of learning will never stop.

I promise.


Linux in-general has always served as a buffer between myself and the rest of society. When the world and my inability to deal with its issues become just too much; when I feel powerless over governments, ideologies, and the pressures of big city life, I have Linux.

Installing, configuring, and running Garuda Linux as I have just done solidifies the feeling--the belief--that there may be at least one other person in the world who enjoys Linux as much as I do. I found that there were many. When I was invited by @tbg to come, check it out, I did and it felt like a group of my best friends had made an operating system just for me. I'm not used to eating anyone else's dogfood, but Garuda Linux is the best I've found for its purpose. I'm proud to eat it. It has a balance to it that almost takes on a personality of its own, not just its owners. And I can deal with that.

Garuda has not been around very long, but I keep coming back to it. It has kept me interested and kept me learning. And besides those, it is fun.

How stupid must I be, that Linux could have the ability to unravel that knot in my gut?
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


What I love about Linux is it's under GPL 2. People who download Linux, it is theirs to use, to keep and to distribute. No one can take away my Frankenstein Garuda Linux from me, not even the developers themselves. As an end-user, I have all the rights to this software like everyone else. That is freedom, the real gem of open source that regular folks do not understand.

When you use Windows as the OS, you are just given a privilege to use it under Microsoft's terms. Heck even the files you create using the OS, Microsoft has perpetual global license to use for whatever purpose, basically no different from surrendering your first-born son to Redmond. (Unfortunately, only a super minority of users actually reads the Microsoft EULA.)


You just described, in a nutshell, Eric S. Raymond's tenets of his The Cathedral & the Bazaar..

I'm sure you are already familiar with it, but I've posted the link for those interested in why we/they/you/I like Linux and Open Source.

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