Garuda is not showing updates

Ok my Garuda is not showing updates available please help now not starting

Stuck on boot glitches lags

Please do something I have my coding and program in system

Dude. Shut up. You're really starting to piss me and others off because you have no common sense and don't know how to act like a grown adult and user of this forum. What makes you think that posting your OT topics here is the right thing to do? You need to make a new topic under issues and assistance and post your garuda-inxi. Anyway you left your last issue abandoned and didn't update anyone on if you solved it and now you're coming up with new problems again. Grow up.

Now I sound like a dick as this has been moved to a different category lol. Not trying to come across as hostile btw.


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Please, learn to search.
Use last working snapshot.
Think about a backup strategy.

Edit your post and add your garuda-inxi.

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Seems you post your problem on different threads

This is rude and not welcome.