Garuda installation

I stuck on this i have erase the disk with swap with hibernation.everytime i try to install it the following screen is pop up.
Installation failed
The installer failed to create a partition table in WDc WD10Ezrx-22a3kbo.
Create new partition table (type:gpt)on /dev/sda
Job:create new partition table on device /dev/sda
Command :sfdisk-wipe=always/dev/sda

Could you please provide more details on what you did?
You erased an existing swap partition and tried to install Garuda there?
Where did you set the bootloader to be installed (if I remember correctly this is at the bottom of the partitioning step in the installation)?
Was that partition existing and formatted FAT32?
Did you use a specific partitioning scheme?
Additionally, make sure that Secure Boot and Fast Boot are both disabled in your BOS


No any partion was automatically created

Do not go to Installer. Try using GParted, or parted or sgdisk or other to create a new partition table.

There is probably a problem with your disk. Garuda can do very little to fix your disk.

If you want help, give us more information, including journal log and other terminal output messages.


Since you seem to have the live usb up open gparted and take a screen of the layout of that drive and post it.

You should do what petsam recomended.

Boot into the live version, like you are going to install. Once in the live garuda session, find the program g-parted open it. You will want to reformat the disk you want to install garuda on.

  1. Create a new partion table: type=gpt
  2. Run the job to make gparted completed the process
  3. Check your drive to confirm the new partion table was completed.
  4. Run installer

sigh If you are in KDE, goto the menu and >System> KDE Partition Manager, and go from there.

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I have made my usb disk bootable using rufus i think it create some problems here

This is something else you could try (burn the ISO on the USB with Balena Etcher or the dd command), but most likely your problem lays elsewhere, and you should do as instructed (create a new partition table on the disk you erased and want to use for the new installation)

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If you think that is an issue and the USB stick you are using is big enough you could boot into the live ISO and install this package:

1 aur/popsicle-git 1.3.0.r1.g1685d80-1 (+6 0.16) 
    Linux utility for flashing multiple USB devices in parallel, written in Rust

It will show up as USB flasher or something similar. use it from within the live environment to make the bootable USB.

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I have erased with no swap option where should i select the boot loader location

For UEFI installation the bootloader is set at partitions at /boot/efi with esp flag. There should not be an option for where to install bootloader. If there is, you are probably on MSDOS/Legacy.

Look in Garuda wiki and forum for installation instructions and if you want help, provide proper info.


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