Garuda installation stuck

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community, anyway I just downloaded garuda dragonized black arch and flashed it on a USB stick with rufus. Now i'm trying to install it on an old Sony Vaio with an Intel Pentium and a radeon GPU (don't now the exact model of either). I booted from the stick and selected the first time "Boot with open source drivers" and the second time the boot with the non-open source drivers. Both of the time i don't get any gui and my installation get stuck at "A start job is running for LVM direct activation of logical volumes (xmin / no limit)" It remains like this even for 1+ hour. I tried to search online but all the questions related to this problem got no answers.

Thanks in advance

Try balenaEtcher instead of Rufus. Rufus sometimes causes problems with Garuda. Have you disabled secure boot, fast boot, enabled AHCI in BIOS/UEFI? How much RAM do you have on this computer? Considering that this is Intel Pentium + old radeon card (at least not nvidia, lol) it might be underpowered. Remember,

Minimum requirements

  • 30 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64-bit System
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How old?

Please find out.


Next to impossible to offer informed advice without knowing your complete system specifications. Please read the Garuda Wiki entry regarding "Reporting bugs" and then post the inxi output recommended there.



How can i post inxi output if i cannot even boot to linux^?

Anyway i foun out the specifics,

It has an Intel Pentium 2020m, AMD radeon 7550m/7650m and 4GB Ram

The procedure is very simple, all editions include the inxi utility on the live ISO's. You simply boot the live ISO, run the inxi command in terminal and post the output as text (not a picture).

Perhaps if you are so inexperienced with using Linux to not already know this, you should not be using one of our editions designed for advanced users and pentesting. Pentesting is not really a game for novice users that don't know what they're doing to play with.

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Hi, welcome to forums.

Did you try this?