Garuda install, 2GB RAM is not enough

It is cario dock not latte.

That's exactly what I read between the lines of your post.

Considering that @SGS seems to have to run after every second user to explain how the forum works, of course those who believe they can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear are absolutely of no use.


Thanks for the information.


Your welcome.

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Alright, after Garuda Suckless comes out, you can football these users to this edition then :blush: I agree that if you want to make your computer usable with at least ten tabs open in the browser, you should know what you are doing and to what extent it's possible, and stop asking support for infinite optimization like they are some kind of assembly gods.


I got 16gb ram. Still it says atleast 2.5gb is required.

The requirement hasn't changed, so that would make sense?

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