Garuda hyprland xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland

Please use extra/xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland rather than the git version for hyprland. I’m not sure why or how, but the git version causes random issues and slowdowns occasionally. In contrast, the package from the extra repository is flawless; everything functions as it should and it works with the most recent version of Hyprland. The git version was installed by default when I installed Garuda Hyrland a few months ago; it should have been changed to a package from extra repository.

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Completely agree with this one. The git repo package is very unstable and problematic don’t know why that’s being used.


Back then it was the other way around :smiley:
IIRC, I use xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland too.

Advanced Users Only :warning: :slight_smile:

Look at the packages list from last build



Yes, I remember this one flopping back and forth a bit. For a while Hyprland was kind of broken unless you used the git version.

At the pace the Hyprland devs make major changes, it probably won’t be long before you need to switch back. :wink:


I use hyprland git with xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland, hyprland is not even in beta, with xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland-git I had a sudden slow down, pipewire wasn’t working well, I installed xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland from extra everything got fixed, the funny thing is I find this out while I was trying to record a video and report it to hyprland, pipewire wasn’t working I change to desktop portal most of my issues got fixed with it

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