Garuda Hyprland Wayland ISO?

Hey all!

Love the work that you guys are doing; keep up the amazing work!

I know that Hyprland Wayland is a fairly recent TWM. Do you guys have any plans in the foreseeable future to create a Garuda Hyprland? It would be an immediate and absolute win for all I believe. What are your guys' thoughts on making a Garuda Hyprland?

Much Love!


If you enjoy it then would you consider maintaining an edition for that TWM?

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If I had help in learning how to do so, I would very much like to!
I've finished school for programming (learned the angular stack for the FE, and Ruby on Rails for the BE), just haven't got the experience in maintaining anything yet. No better time like the present to learn, eh?



I already had a look at Hyprland a while back, which lead me to the conclusion it needed a dedicated maintainer.


Yeah that makes sense, thanks y'all!

What were your thoughts on Openbox? Needs a dedicated maintainer?

Garuda had to discontinue Recbox due to lack of maintainers.


Yeah, besides a dedicated maintainer, it was least popular.

We ( the staff members ) collectively decided that there was no point in developing and maintaining such edition, primarily because of very low popularity and high maintenance.


Yeah that makes sense. I understand not wanting to take too much on your plate. Appreciate your guys' responses! It helps me understand better the direction Garuda is headed, and some of the "why's" behind the "whats". :slight_smile:

I just realized I misspelled it in the title. :joy:

I want to learn how to maintain a distro or DE so that I can pitch in and help someday. I'm hoping I'm able to do so in the near future!

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Its mostly learning by doing

Just read docs and do as much experiments as you can

Happy Journey !


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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