Garuda Hyprland Post - Installation, What To Do NExt!

Garuda Hyprland is an amazing Arch distro to try out.
Here are a couple of steps to take once installation is finally completed, successfully.

  1. Have a READ of the Hyprland wiki. Nice & useful tips to chew on. It easily has everything you’d need to begin enjoying your journey with this sweet arch-based distro.

  2. Pay a VISIT to the GARUDA FORUM For whenever you run into some trouble and need help resolving. You’ll be amazed how fun, and helpful engaging with the community here can be.

  3. For AUR newbies, check out to LEARN of the MISTAKES you SHOULD NOT MAKE as a new AUR user. There is a reason why ARCH was tailored towards the more advanced. The earlier you learn to become one, the better.

  4. Leave a :+1: for the youtubers. They actually help a lot making our lives easier.

  5. That’s it. You’re set to be on your way to enjoy ride on the wings of Garuda in a Hyprland.

Please add what you know to thread to make it much broader and more encapsulating.

Thank you all. Love yah :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Awesome stuff for Customization. :heart_on_fire: :heart: Can we have stuff about installations? Like the Best way to make installations on the Garuda Hyprland.

Myself I have made a couple of installations of stuff like installing Visual Studio Code, Brave, yt-dlp, etc using the normal sudo pacman -S <package name> and then removed to reinstall from AUR when I wasn’t getting the best experience but but still some stuff keep crashing. I launch them from the terminal, like typing code in terminal to launch VSCode, or brave or eclipse, and nothing shows up on the screen.

Code (visuall studio code), Brave, and many already preinstalled apps just won’t launch. Nothing shows up no more :joy: except a few stuff that already still work

So, if any good / best way to go about installations and resets of installed apps crashing are out here, it’d help immensely in getting access to them. :heart:

Thats fine.

??? Did you try mod + d, type the name, enter.
Please open new help request, if I type floorp, bam, it just open. Same for other apps.


pacman -Qi brave

to check if the app is installed, and some apps use other names than the install name.
Like gnome-disk-utility, use disks or change to the language you set like “Laufwerke” in german.

Actually , there are preconfigured keybindings for them , but doesn’t means that they are pre installed :slightly_smiling_face:
(The ISO will be become Huuge !!!)

BTW, use vscodium :wink:
an alternative to Vs code


Oh yeah, I got very comfortable with the key-bindings from the cheat sheet, and a few more others that aren’t there.

I was also able to check whether or not the apps were installed; using the following

  • shift + Mod + d = To view all the apps (Full Launcher)

  • Mod + d , Type name of App … Enter = To launch the app from Application Menu (Wofi)

  • Terminal launch by just typing the name of the app.
    If I type the wrong name I can tell cuz I’ll get the message to (Y/n) for install or search other repos for install

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First I used the
pacman -Qs <packname / app name> to check if the app is installed but now I think I’ll use the pacman -Qi <packname / app_name> it displays more info about the app. That’s nice.

Thanks for the new tip, but all in all, I’d like to highlight on the point, that my problem goes beyond identifying the name of the app. I do complete installations be it using the yay, the AUR or through the name sudo pacman -S <package name>

I feel it’s something a bit under the covers. Because for example, when launching the code or visual-code whatever the app name is, I am unable to see an error message in the terminal to show me why it won’t launch. If the app didn’t exit I’d get a messsage (Y/n) to install. For something like brave however I get the output below.

[203126:203126:1227/] Missing X server or $DISPLAY
[203126:203126:1227/] The platform failed to initialize.  Exiting.

Don’t only work with what I’m showing you because maybe updates resolved files that crashed, replacing them and rendering most of the apps not launching. This goes beyond apps I installed myself, cuz some preinstalled apps like CMake etc don’t launch as well.

I love all this, always having something to fix. It’s fun, but I should be able to go about being productive in personal pursuits as well :sweat_smile: :joy: so please,
If I can get the right way to go about stuff, (Not only using only what I have said, but from having observed and helped many other users with their crash reports) it’d help immensely.

Thank you so much :yum:

Not every program has a desktop interface, there is also CLI, command line interface, maybe that’s your problem?

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Hyprland use wayland not X11.

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How do i fix this please

True. Very True. But the ones that have the desktop interface also aren’t launching. eg Vscode.

But hopefully it has something to do with the server being x11 or X and not wayland.

I’ll appreciate all the help I can get on this please. Waiting on your response.

M$ app?
Try code or use wine

Thats the way hyprland works.

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vscodium just launched :eyes:
After installing it wasn’t working but it just launched :eyes:

:eyes: Brave too, my apps are launching now :pleading_face:

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Thank you so much for the tip on this.

I check this morning and my device is actually running on wayland.


Placing this here just for future reference. If you are on wayland try installing vscodium-bin from AUR they will provide a wayland launcher that contains the necessary electron flags to make vscodium not look blurry in wayland.


Thank you so much.

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