Garuda hyprland issues with Nvidia! Kde problems! Please fix!


Completely new to Garuda!
Downloaded the kde plasma ISO because I like kde!

Saw a video about Garuda hyprland and thought: wow, nice gonna test that instead of kde!

Made ventoy usb stick and put many distros on it!
Placed Garuda hyprland to the Garuda kde ISO!

Booted the stick
Set timezone = Europe / Berlin
Set keyboard = de
Set language = German / de_DE

And then I choose the proprietary to start the live session

First the terminal font is normal like any other Linux but then, till end, big (without doing anything)
Takes long time till I get to the login screen = looks really nice!

Type “geruda”, hit enter aaaand see a bit like terminal but distorted and after that, yay login screen
Again geruda = same like before = seeing the login screen again

You’re stuck in a damn loop (and YES “geruda” was typed in correctly otherwise it would do nothing than saying: wrong password etc.

If I use same settings with open source drivers I indeed get into the live session, BUT I am not able to start the install geruda app! :roll_eyes: Really?

Tried both drivers WITHOUT changing anything (keyboard, language) just to realize that it doesn’t change anything or help!
Open source driver = Garuda install not working
Proprietary = login screen loop

Would be nice if someone takes a look!

OK then I will try Garuda kde!

Same settings for live session, got into the session, Garuda install startet and installed Garuda kde!

Reboot to Garuda and logged in with user I created!

  1. Resolution is 1024x768! Can’t change because of Wayland :thinking:WTF? Are you kidding me?

  2. Terminal popped up to install or update the system = error because jde package conflict!

Well atm I think I am done with Garuda and should change to other distro!
Too many problems I have the time for!

Hope you will fix the distro to be usable!

Well this is wrong spelling. “garuda” is not the same as “geruda” the two are completely different words.

Well there is a big bold “for advanced users only” for a reason on hyprland version of garuda. Hyprland itself has a lot of problems with nvidia atm.

If you figured this out you could have just changed to X11 from the SDDM screen. I see nothing stopping you from doing that.


Furthermore, every single reported problem hasca solution in the threads of the last few days.


Sorry just typo here :roll_eyes:
Password is correct!

Thanks for clarify! (damn that’s sad, hyprland looks cool)

Well, I think I would have done that but I don’t know how!

I’m new to Linux and often need/seek for help :person_shrugging:
Started with MSYS2 on Windows to compile Nintendo Switch Homebrew apps!
So I know what Pacman is and how to use it!

This summer I got myself the steamdeck and that put me even more on the way of Linux!

Linux is on the best way to be my daily system on any device possible!
I prefer arch and arch based because of being able to compile with the environment I’m used to!

Also installed Nobara which is… fine, and steamdeck like, but that’s based on fedora!

Would really like to use Garuda without to many issues!
I don’t have the money to change the graphics card just for that!

Hey, I’m still on a system with a GTX 970 and a AMD FX 8150 :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I highly recommend sway if you want to try Garuda style windows manager. If you got nvidia this also works only with opensource driver so don’t even try proprietary driver (if you decide to try this out on bare metal).



I feel like we need a new slogan.

Geruda hyperland - turns newbies immediately into advanced users one install at a time.


Are you sure about this statement? :slight_smile:
(I mean, it implies that Garuda is not usable)

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