Garuda Hyprland Installation Successful - What To Do Next!

What to do after installing Garuda Hyprland.

Discover and enjoy, what else!?

But it could also be that I misunderstood your question.


No Sir, you were rather very close.
But it’s fine :blush:
I’ll just enjoy the ride

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My answer would be it’s like any other operating environment you are exploring, study up on it a little. Learn the keybindings and how to customize them to your liking. Not just for controlling windows, but starting applications, extending that through other projects like pyprland Install and run your apps. You may find that some apps work better if you create a Window rule for them

The Hyprland WM and waybar are totally customizable if you know CSS and maybe some JSON. but there are lots of examples out there.

Garuda Hyprland puts almost all the configuraiton into one hyprland.conf file. I would make a backup copy before editing. Also if you make a syntax error hyprland will display a banner with an error when you save the file. I tend to keep the file open in my editor so I can quickly fix what it’s complaining about

There are many YouTube videos out there on how to use, edit and customize Hyprland, Enjoy!


If you have any questions, please remember the input text and act accordingly. There will always be someone there to support you in self-discovery.

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