Garuda HyprLand Edition

Every now and then I run Garuda for a while, basically to see what’s going on over here, though I usually feel removing some of your configuration that doesn’t personally appeal to me is hardly worth it.
However, I have to say this is one of the best looking Hyrpland configs I’ve seen, with very good functionality on the waybar!
I may actually stick around on this install this time. I know, a distro-hoppers gotta hop, but even so…we do have daily drivers and I have the space for at least another distro on real drive space.
Yes, I know this sounds like a cup half full, but I really am very happy with the default config…and I’m trying to run a couple of games now and see how they do.


Nice to see you enjoying :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, this thing was proven wrong for me by garuda after I started using it. :sweat_smile:
it is gonna hold you if not for permanent then at least for a long time :wink:

Currently, I have just a single OS installed in my system as a daily driver which is garuda :grin:

PS: literally garuda had made too much lazy and it had became my comfort zone . F U garuda !!:joy: (kidding)


Totally shocked. I hadn’t tried these games for ? a year? but they now seem to run as well as they do on Windows (BG3 and Pathfinder: WOTR).
Yep, I think Garuda could be a permanent addition to my SSD.


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