Garuda-Hyprland - Change from NVidia to AMD


so i currently use Garuda Hyprland with my NVidia RTX3070 and i just ordered a RX 7900 XT.

I know i don’t have to do anything big driver related and i can just swap and boot into AMD.

But is there a list of applications that are strictly NVidia related that i can then remove to not bloat my system? Because i know not everything has “nvidia” in it’s name.

Also do i have to change something in your specific garuda-hyprland-settings so i don’t cause issues by using some nvidia specific ENV vars or something? I don’t know what exactly you guys provide on garuda-hyprland-settings and if it can automatically detect a GPU change.


To clarify.

I ask for a list of applications that come preinstalled by your ISO related to NVidia.

I know the applications i specifically installed by myself.

Or even better


Awesome, thank you!

So you really only install the mhwd… cool!

Anything about the garuda-hyprland-settings you bring? Anything i have to change there or does it do it automatically?

Nvidia drivers are installed via mhwd at installation time via Calamares HW detection phase, or manually later, of course.

This is not clear to me.
The contents of the current settings are in Gitlab:

The package is updated normally via garuda-update but, just like any other Garuda settings package, the updates are only made to e.g. /etc/skel, they are not automatically updated into your ~/.config/ folder.
No one will ever touch the configs you performed (or just generated at user creation), but the downside is that the new configs must be applied manually.
Apart from that, you will not need anymore the packages and environment variables described here in the Nvidia GPU part:


Yeah i looked into the specific hyprland settings to remove then.

Thanks for the links!

Would recommend just backing up my homedir and the configs i know that aren’t touched by GPU configs and simply reinstall? Or would you consider this overkill?

Backups should be a default, a practice, not a recommendation :wink: :slight_smile:
But reinstalling is definitely an overkill in my opinion.


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