Garuda Gnome

Hello Fellow Users:

I recently switched from the i3wm version to GNOME version and they both are fantastic. It took about 3-4 days to fiddle with the settings to make everything work the way I want but I just want to say that in the past 5 years I have had a deep hate and love relationship with linux distros (Linux in general. If Im using terms wrong please correct me!).

I am nowhere near being a master or advanced user but I am doing a lot better than before. I recently completely ditched Windows as a boot option and only run it for work off a virtual box!

To the devs, artists and general people involved I really want to thank you and magnify my appreciation of your work!

  1. You have the most elegant interface out of the distros I have used.
  2. The aesthetics make it hard to distro hop which is great
  3. I really love the icon choices. They are TOP NOTCH.
  4. The speed, and snappy feel is great
  5. Your distro makes me want to learn more about linux in general.

I dont know what it is about Linux but I feel a lot more "focused" and "determined" on it..especially with the beautiful work done on Garuda in general.

In the few months of using Garuda..Ive become a more focused programmer, and better tech savy individual. Now I am nowhere near most people's level here perhaps but I do RTFM much more often and try my best to troubleshoot more efficiently unless Im just lost with the jargon. This has helped me become a better problem solver at work!

Also I enjoy the community here and so far the positive far outweighs any negative I have seen (Which is near to none).

Great work and thanks for this aesthetically, efficient, and pleasing linux distro environment. Its a pleasure to use minus any typical proprietary issues with headphones.

10/10 would delete windows again (Only for Gardua though haha..)


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