Garuda GNOME | Ultimate | Lite | 200825 🔥

Its time for the GNOME release holding some major changes from the last one :partying_face:
The goal was to make installation easier and theming more beautiful.

So here we go:

  • Theme is changed to WhiteSur-dark while keeping Tela-circle icons
  • Firefox extensions updated, moved to /usr/lib/firefox/ so there is no need for user intervention upon installing
  • GNOME extensions updated, added Flickerfree Login extension
  • Changed from Pamac update indicator to Arch Update Indicator (faster)
  • Powerlevel10k zsh theme (choose your theme upon first terminal launch easily)
  • Fixed some buggy behaviour including wallpaper being always set on terminal launch
  • You can find a Wayland toggle for GDM in the Garuda Welcome app
  • At the same place you can enable systemwide adblocking via Adguard DNS, try it! :smiley:
  • Moved some more apps to Ultimate to have a less heavy lite edition

It also includes some app updates including some major version upgrades for:

  • Firefox 80
  • Libreoffice 7.0 (Ultimate version only)
  • Linux-zen 5.8.3
  • GCC 10.2

Note please:

  • After installing open reflector-simple and set the initial mirrorlist according to your preferences
  • If you want to automate mirrorlist update and system upgrade open ~/.zshrc and edit the upd alias to fit your location
  • NVIDIA users have to boot the driver=free grub option due to kernel issues if experiencing infinite boot screen

Downloads are up on Sourceforge only for now, have fun :pray: