Garuda Gnome-Lite startet nicht nach Installation bzw. bleibt stecken


Today I installed Garuda-Linux Gnome-Lite Edition again, in the hope that the error would be fixed, unfortunately it is not the case.

After I installed Garuda-Linux Gnome-Lite Edition, Garuda got stuck after the restart, it boots up, then a black screen appears and "Starting version 246.6-1-arch" appears in the top left and nothing happens
PC does not start.

Why is the error not resolved?

Which error?

It boot fine on AMD PC, we need more details.
Which ISO date you use?
Please post terminal output as text from

inxi -Fxxxza

Uefi or legacy boot?

In welcher Sprache soll es weiter gehen?
Wie in der Überschrift oder doch wie weiter unten :wink: ?

What mistake? I don't know that.

Posting is no longer possible because I have uninstalled Gnome-Lite again.

I downloaded garuda-gnome-lite-201007-linux-zen.iso from the Garuda homepage and installed it in UEFI mode.

The installation went smoothly, Garuda only remains with the message after restarting
Insert "Starting version 246.6-1-arch".

It should go on in German.

All other Lite versions work fine, only the Gnome Lite Edition does
problems, the Gnome Ultimate Edition doesn't cause any problems either.

Please post your system specifications when the are requested.

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Posting is no longer possible because I uninstalled Garuda-Gnome-Lite.

Furthermore, please explain to me how I should post a terminal output if the system gets stuck after booting or restarting?

There are ways, but the explanation is rather long if you don't have it installed now I guess it hardly matters.

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It's tingling, all other Garuda-Lite editions work, only the Gnome-Lite Edition doesn't.

Again, the installation went smoothly, only when restarting Garuda gets stuck with the message "Starting version 246.6-1-arch".

Could be the kernel-nvidia problem after update, I have the same on i3wm.
I switch back to last snapshot and wait for next kernel, work.
With kernel 5.8.14 nvidia 455.28 work.

So you test all ISO, thank you :slight_smile: Do you use one on metal for everyday use?

@tbg we have new test user in forum, great.


Try booting in runlevel 1.
Simply append a "1" to the GRUB command line.

You can post inxi output from any distro that has it, not only Garuda.


I don't have an nvidia graphics card, I use the integrated intel Graphics 530.

My CPU is an Intel Core i3-6100 CPU 3.70GHz

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Then the riddle remains open.

Dann bleibt das Rätsel offen.

The installation of Garuda Barebones Gnome Edition also gave me this error.

It installed without any problems, but after the restart it stuck and the screen went black and on top
"Starting version 246.6-1-arch" appeared again on the left

I waited about ten minutes, but nothing happened.

Since almost all distris of Garuda Linux, except the Gnome Lite and Barebones Edition, work, I am sure that the fault is entirely due to the Gnome Lite or Barebones ISO.

Now I'm finally fed up with Garuda, I'm staying
but rather with EndeavorOS, at least everything works there.

It's sad that not even the Garuda team can help.

I think you would get a similar answer from EnOS.
You do not give complete answers and request a solution to your problem from a team that works for you unpaid within 5 hours. Respect.

I have no problems with EnOS, neither with Gnome nor with KDE, everything works.

I wrote which ISO I am using, furthermore, how should I post a terminal output here if I do not have access to Garuda, since the system gets stuck with "Starting version 246.6-1-arch" after it has booted? I waited almost ten minutes, but nothing happened.

If almost all Garuda editions, the Lite and the Ultimate versions, work, but the Gnome Lite and the Gnome Barebones do not, then it is definitely due to the Gnome Lite and the Gnome Barebones ISO`s.

All over again, the installation process went smoothly.

After the installation, the PC restarted, it started up, the black screen with the white eagle head appears, a circle circled underneath, after the white eagle head and the circle disappeared, "Starting version 246.6-1- appeared on the black screen in the upper left corner. arch "I waited almost ten minutes, but nothing happened.

Bare. Bones. Nuff said :grin:

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Perhaps you missed the big bold warnings on the KDE minimal dowload page:

Advanced Users Only
Garuda Linux Minimal
Garuda Linux Minimal
Garuda Linux Minimal is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complains about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get going. (you are on your own, we dont provide any support for minimal edition.)

Obviously you are not an advanced user, so you had no business installing the KDE Minimal version in the first place. It states up front there is no support for that version simply because it is expected you know what you are doing (or don't install it). It states there is no support for that version right where you download it from, yet you have the audacity top complain when you get no support.

I can see we are going to have to put an acceptance notice where you agree to the fact you will not receive support on the minimal edition before you can proceed to download it because of people like you.

Garuda does not even accept any financial donations at this point, so I don't see what you have to complain about. You can't even complain that you're not going to contribute to the project anymore, because you never contributed anything at all in the first place.

Everyone working on this project does so strictly as a labor of love, because we believe in the free software movement. People such as yourself who contribute nothing yet expect immediate personal attention to their every whim is what sours people on volunteering their time to provide free alternatives to paid software.

You need to take a good look in the mirror @anon52020173, because if you're so Godlike you should be able to sort your own issues out.

Nuff said, don't let the door slap you in your backside on the way out.