Garuda GNOME - Brief outlook on what is to come next release 👀

Hello guys :grin:
Im currently reworking a part of the GNOME edition!
Things that will be new / changed include:

  • Theme is changed to WhiteSur with a needed change to use the system font as shell font
  • Firefox extensions updated, moved to /usr/lib/firefox/ so there is no need for user intervention upon installing
  • GNOME extensions updated, added flickerfree login and GSConnect extensions
  • Changed from Pamac update indicator to Arch Update Indicator (Updates automatically via terminal instead of pamac which is faster)
  • Powerlevel10k zsh theme as default, included patched fonts needed for it (The terminal is yours, making it easy to theme at first startup)
  • Pfetch as replacement for neofetch, looks a lot cleaner and is somewhat faster

Already existing installations wont be affected by this change unless you decide to uninstall the yaru theme packages which of course arent needed as dependency by garuda-gnome-settings anymore. (You could also try it by using the guest account once the changes are live)

Im open for suggestions, if you got one just let me know - if im able to implement it it will be done :grin: