Garuda Gnome 40

Hopefully, Garuda doesn't decide to drop the Gnome spin prior to the release of 40. Looks like an interesting redesign for their keyboard workflow. Also reading there's a possibility of finally including Tweaks into the default system menu at some point. Unifying some fractured points would surely be welcome.



Actually according to @dr460nf1r3
A lot of extensions work in the gnome 40 alpha
So I doubt GNOME will be dropped.

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Yup, the new release will make maintenance easier I suppose. :partying_face:


Truely would be nice.

As time goes by, I find Gnome Shell slowly evolving ... as well as my self reliance on extensions becoming less.

I've always enjoyed Gnome & welcome the growth. On the flip side, I was never too intrigued by KDE/Plasma but appreciate it's maturity to now use it full time.

As always, curious to watch the competition between the two platforms.


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Do we have any projection when will Gnome 40 version be out?

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Within April, for sure.

But I guess it won't take that much time.
We will have new release most probably in first half of April.


That is great to hear. Thanks for the info.

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Lots of stuff broke again sadly, even dash to dock (tried gnome-unstable) :worried:
Once gnome goes into Arch repos we will need to remove the broken stuff, nothing can be done to prevent this :eyes:


The reality is GNOME is very much starting over in a sense. This is on par with the separation of MATE and GNOME a few years ago.

I would speculate most extensions will have to be re worked to start being usable again, if the extensions are even relevant any longer. From what I've tried, it seems to be working quite well as is.

I think the rolling Arch community will have a tough time with it without reinstalling and trying to muscle through the "roll" so to speak. I think there may just be too many changes.

Maybe I'm completely wrong though.

We'll all know soon enough.


Vanilla GNOME has thrown the community into fits before now. It used to be held back for a while until .01 sometimes, but they finally said to hell with it and release as soon as it's ported. Take a look at the flag dates in Arch Linux - Package Search. They've been dwindling, but when gnome-shell and gnome-control-center and mutter stable not updated yet, I might wait-a-bit myself.


EDIT: Igor's Review: Gnome 40 - The anti-desktop desktop