Garuda Gnome 40

Hopefully, Garuda doesn't decide to drop the Gnome spin prior to the release of 40. Looks like an interesting redesign for their keyboard workflow. Also reading there's a possibility of finally including Tweaks into the default system menu at some point. Unifying some fractured points would surely be welcome.



Actually according to @dr460nf1r3
A lot of extensions work in the gnome 40 alpha
So I doubt GNOME will be dropped.

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Yup, the new release will make maintenance easier I suppose. :partying_face:


Truely would be nice.

As time goes by, I find Gnome Shell slowly evolving ... as well as my self reliance on extensions becoming less.

I've always enjoyed Gnome & welcome the growth. On the flip side, I was never too intrigued by KDE/Plasma but appreciate it's maturity to now use it full time.

As always, curious to watch the competition between the two platforms.


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