Garuda Gnome-40.0 Desktop Environment got frozen

While I open any window like network/wifi or settings it's always been frozen, I can not delete, maximize or even minimize, each time I have to forcely restart my pc to make it normal.

I am using Garuda Genome

Most likely this is something we cant fix as GNOME 40 just got released (and not even fully deployed in regular Arch repos yet afaik). Restore the snapshot and wait until all applications are updated to 40.


things that I face not having before while first install the newer version of Gnome; seems it to be new

Here is my system details

how did you install GNOME 40, via AUR?



I have installed it from the Sourceforge, from This Link

This is not compatible with Garuda -Arch package management.
You may fix your voluntarily broken system by yourself.

You were asked how you installed gnome, not Garuda.
Do you mean you did not install gnome 40 yourself and was just an update?