Garuda Gamer cannot install app

Hello Garuda users.

Currently I am trying to use Garuda again. But I have issue with Garuda Gamer. I already updated the system but I cant install any app saying that root is required. I already used garuda before with no error on set-up. Any workaround or fix for this issue. I already tried gnome and dragonized but still the issue persist. Thank you!

currently having the same issue.

I guess i will just install steam and heroic thru terminal. Been spending more than a day trying to figure out the problem.

  1. Where garuda-inxi
  2. Since you did not provide it, I have to guess that you are using some wayland compositor. The launcher is broken for them, so you have to run sudo -E garuda-gamer to get it to execute (-E is optional but makes for a better experience)

Will try this later after work. Thank you for the reply. I am also not familiar with wayland compositor. I just installed dragonized and gnome but garuda gamer cant download any apps because it need root. I used garuda dragonized last week and i did not encounter this problem.


That's definitely not true for Garuda, maybe other Arch based distros, but presumably we use a universal root GUI launcher I wrote that should just work :eyes:


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