Garuda Freezing/Lagging

After installing Garuda ISO into my PC's second HDD (First SDD has WIndows), Garuda desktop frezzes completely. The cursor still works during a frezze. It starts when moving a windows, cliking, hovering over the dock...
This happened a month ago. I stopped using Garuda regularly hoping to be fixed in a fututre update. Today, I updated via terminal:

sudo pacman -Syu

When finished, I was hovering the cursor over the dock and Garuda freezed.

What could I do? Or what information should I present here to diagnose the problem?

Note: In the past, I had Fedora and Garuda on the same HDD. Didn't have problems except to being slow at opening windows and right-click menus. I formated the HDD completely to install Garuda only and improve it (Garuda doesn't support dual booting)

Start providing your inxi -Faz :wink:


You have been a member of the forum for 6 months, (yet this is strangely your first post). As a long time forum member you should know that our forum does not provide assistance to users who claim to have technical issues without an inxi -Faz output.

I am removing your post from the main forum as it does not contain the information our forum requires to receive assistance.

If you wish to continue troubleshooting this issue, edit your opening post and add the required inxi -Faz output. once this information is present, your help request will be returned to the normal forum sub-category for further assistance.

Please do not open technical help requests without including an inxi -Fazoutput in the future (or your post will be immediately binned). This topic also has much prior information already posted on our forum. You have not given any background information on which fixes you have attempted of the many related posts on our forum. This is another requirement to receive assistance on our forum. Without this information it appears as though you have done nothing to help your situation, and have not spent any time searching for an answer. This again, is unacceptable on our forum.