Garuda for a month

I tried Dr460nized gaming and non-gaming with a 2019 razer pro 15" and an rtx 2060. Performance on gaming and audio production is awesome. When it's running smooth. But issues with power settings on my Razer laptop shutting down during games, and updates breaking on the regular, have me seeking the stable experience on my old Ubuntu based setup. Arch has potential, but maybe there's way too much going on here that needs ironed out and slimmed up.

The one click options in the Garuda assistant are the bomb. But many settings don't seem to stick persistently across reboots.

I guess in short, for every point of being badass, there's a massively weak counter. Garuda and arch are like a race car that's always in the shop being tweaked, only to hit the track for a set of benchmarks and then hit the pits for a tune up (at least) or towed back to the shop and put on a lift because something completely borked and the only way to get it back is through manual intervention.

It was fun. But Ive gotta have stability. I'll be keeping tabs. Maybe I'll try Garuda on my desktop.


Unfortunately, it is as stable as the user.
Who can live with old software is probably better off with Debian, but nice that you tried it.


I dunno exactly what you mean by it being as stable as the user. All I do is install and play a handful of steam games that run fine on debian/Ubuntu but for some reason on Garuda the laptop wants to sleep regardless of what my power settings are and the gpu drivers crash forcing a ctrl alt f2 or a hardware reboot. I even did a fresh install and played everything out of the box and still ran into the same issues. That's not to say Garuda can't be a beast with stability, but just not on my Razer laptop apparently.

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I think this is pretty accurate. Some things will be tweaked to prevent oversteer and rear locking, possibly making it suitable for street use, but there will always be torque steering so you still have to know how to handle it.

If you want a rental or lease for grocery runs then Ubuntu is a better choice.

(Too much metaphor? :rofl:)


Hey, the car metaphor is solely my domain, no encroachment permitted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What are you doing to your system to be breaking it that much? In the month or 2 that I have been using Garuda I have only had it break on me once(well technically twice, but they were at the same time) and half of that situation was of my own doing because I installed time shift then removed it and tried to reinstall snapper but was missing the grub plugin for it(the other part I think was a bad kernel update or something)


It's a reasonable OP assessment.

I haven't had many, if any, issues with any Arch derivatives in mostly close to the distro's stock configurations.

So many choices and most popular distros are pretty darn good these days. What's different ... release cycle, package manager and configs.

Good luck, I'm certain you'll absolutely find a spin that you really like.


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