Garuda Feedback after 1 Month by former k(ubuntu) user


I installed Garuda KDE Dr460nized around 2023-12-01 ( 01 of December) after months of research where to go with a new setup for “the perfect multimedia production and gaming linux desktop”
Before I was for 15+ years using mosty ubuntu based distros. Last 10 years mostly kde as desktop.

general feeling:
“I am very Happy!”

but I have some Feedback

3 favorites


default setup for secondary monitor
no task bar, which is especially a problem because it is not possible ( mouse only ) to minimize and therefor move a maximized window without using the keyboard

moving windows not with alt but meta key ( I don’t know if the alt key was my default or kde’s ), but took me some time ( 1 week ) to figure out that it is not simply broken
Check in System Settings > Window Management > Window Behavior > Window Actions and there check the 2nd section Inner Window, Titlebar & Frame for the Modifier key.

Double-click window header to maximize is possible but double click header in panel to minimize is not possible.
I guess this is not possible to implement at the moment but for me this is a very big UX inconsistency

Folder expand in dolphin broken when using non-default sort ( like sort by date in downloads). I have noticed that in a different kvantum theme too, so I think this is an issue with kvantum. but I need to investigate that further

After a month, I was still clicking on garuda welcome regularly to expect it to launch a “start menu”.

and the last one which ultimately lead to changing back to kde defaults:

Obs Menu bar is missing until disabling background services -> application menu daemon

that was mostly theme-settings

what I also would like is a wiki entry that maybe could be linked to garuda assistant which explains all the overrides.

today I was trying to optimize my system for audio production and after some misunderstanding figured my vm.swappiness settings are overriden in /usr/lib/sysctl.d/99-sysctl-garuda.conf

I understand and appreciate a lot of the overrides and learn a lot from them
I just would like to know they are there and where and if possible also why :smiley:

all in all I am absolutely in love with garuda as my first arch experience after 20+ years of ubuntu
just hope someone finds this as constructive feedback


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