Garuda failing to install

i don't have a Vfat partition for some reason i have a dev/sda 1 and a dev/sda 2 and two other small one that are unallocated, can you help me to set the partition correcly again using the garuda partition manager? i'm kind of lost since i had that Vfat partition before?

forgot to add that the /dev/sda1 is 300 mib and in fat32 with 284 kib used so i guess that the "erase disk" option must have allocated them automatically? since i did the manual partition option i went back to the "erase disk option" earlier so all the partitioning that i did were erased and i'm left with this and the other partition allocated is s/dev/2 and is 465.45 gib should i add more storage to the dev/sda1? or rename it completely?

From the installer, run this in terminal and post the output

sudo parted -l
sudo fdisk -l
inxi -Dpxx
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terminal name in garuda is Alcacritty right? i tried to remake partition, i allowed this time 500mib for boot and everything that is supposed to go in this partition, but there is still the same error, strangely

It may not be strange, if there is a user error...
So, is there any difficulty to post what I requested?

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this can be an old windows installation on first boot section
maybe uefi windows blocks new instal

i am now test it for option for you

you must do a clean install
if your hdd is not right partioned i don't know if garuda it can handle it can be the first part of the hdd reserved for boot

is there a way to get in live version on first screen

why do you must install a boot partition garuda make it for you
i have no trouble with it only click okay

in the terminal called "alacritty" when i type the first command it says :

parted: invalid option -- '1'

for the second i get :

fdisk: invalid option --'1' 
try 'fdisk --help' for more information

and when i type this i obviously get all the option availible with the "fdisk"
for the third i get

error 22 : unsupported option: Dpxx

well, it seems that errors keep adding up :disappointed:

sorry it must be an error install disk
which with programm you made the install disk/usb
under windows or linux

i can prefer under linux / windows
balena etcher

i only can say that it doesn't have to do with your hdd settings
because the boot in live environment is only from the usb stick

pls check your usb stick and use a good program if it is written 1to1 there are no probs to boot in live environment and from there it is easy to set hdd setting

You are typing syntax errors. copy and paste.

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It's a lowercase L not the number 1

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maybe it helps i have two option to boot under bios one is uefi and one only the usb stick

i have trouble reading the terminal output font this is why i almost don't use it it's really confusing for my eyes anyways, thank you so much

i used etcher yes, i switched usb stick three times if that can help

how do you boot into garuda

I mean these commands...they are lower case L, not the number 1 that's why you recieved an error as output.

i boot via usb stick

sudo parted -l
sudo fdisk -l
inxi -Dpxx

but look you must understand not getting into garuda live means there is something wrong to get space to write more data i don't think itz on hdd maybe i'm wrong
but it can be that all your usb sticks have a write-lock i don't know why

sorry i don't mean with what device i mean did you boot from bios into uefi or normal boot

there many ways to exclude fails
first you can write an other distro to you usb stick say like ubuntu
with your etcher version to see if it works

if it don't work reset your hdd or usb stick
normally there is no problem with it

load a rescue cd it is also a live version and delete everything that looks like a partition on hdd and usb

then start again

which system did you use to make an usb-stick windows or linux

Hey @SGS , I just wanna say thank you. I was having the same exact issue and this was the solution that fixed it. :relaxed: