Garuda Dragonized Versions


I am trying to find information on the 3 different versions of the Dragonized linux. Is there some kind of chart where the three are listed or something in github that shows the differences?

Thank you in advance.

Yes indeed - visit the gitlab, at the top of these pages :slight_smile:

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I am kind off missing somewere there the differences. Checking settings I see only garuda dragonized, but no specific installations for the three versions

Well, I know only of the Gitlab and the Downloads pages and am unaware of any chart type posts, etc - sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mostly difference between them are only pre-installed utilities for their work.
If you want to ethical hacking kind of thing then go with black arch.
If you want to use for gaming go with gamming edition.
If you don't want to use above pre-installed software then go with dragonized. It has everything to get started. Then you want use above edition you can simply install that packages


The linked settings package is used in all of the 3 "variations" so desktop/settings are the same.
The real difference is actually "just" the packages:

Look at the Packages-Desktop inside the dr460nized folders for a list of whats included.
BlackArch additionally has the BlackArch repo configured which means ethical hacking tools are included :slight_smile:


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