Garuda Drag0nized based on Ubuntu

Hello team, Really appreciate the OS you have made. I've been using linux for almost 6 years now on dual boot and I spend most of my time on linux, to be specific kde neon and Garuda are currently my favorite distros.

Ubuntu is old but the application repository in arch is on a different level compared to debian. I know each disto has it's pros and cons and I very clearly understand why you opted for arch.

But, I just have a quick question, would you ever start a project with kde plasma integrated on Ubuntu? Or lets say Drag0nized kubuntu/kde neon? Would really love to see a version of Garuda based on ubuntu integrated with kde plasma. And trust me it's gonna be the best os across the globe.

Kudos team.

Other than the theming, how would that be different than neon which is basically the latest plasma on top of Ubuntu?


Exactly what I was thinking. Most of the Garuda apps and tweaks are very Arch specific. I mean, it would be a pretty damn good distro if someone made a Debian based, btrfs, snapshot-bootable distro with a bunch of power-user GUI tools. But I don't think you'll find that dev here, most of us are too invested in the cutting-edge life.

But if the look and feel is all you're after, it's not that hard to achieve. Here is my Ubuntu Dr460nized - complete with Arc(h) menu :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Dalto and Zoeruda, It's not the theming I'm concerned about but infact it's actually about the command line. I'm quite familiar to Ubuntu as compared to Arch and most of the apps, for eg. Teamviewer which I use on a daily bases has many errors on Arch while it works flawlessly on Ubuntu. I'm more flexible with my Garuda but honestly my Kde neon is much easier to use on a daily bases.

In regards to theming, I'v attached the screenshot links below for reference as I can't post any pics here being a new user. And honestly theming was never an issue. I just love the ease on debian based linux distros.

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While theming can be replicated easily on KDE Neon, it still misses the flexibility of Arch sadly. There is a lot more behind it than just theming, build tools would have to be adjusted, a repo to be created, etc.. which would effectively at least double the effort :eyes:

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Yep, I totally agree. Everything is same in other distros and garuda except for garuda welcome. With all the options from replacing pulse audio with pipewire with just a checkbox (and of course many such features) that's what I appreciate. But Grub customizer doesn't work (as'int changing/shortening distro names) and many such features don't work with arch. Integrating the garuda welcome and it's flexibility to Ubuntu would just be enough to blow the world.

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I agree the command line tweaks in Garuda are awesome. I imagine you can add most of them manually in Ubuntu using the .zshrc or .config/fish/ from Garuda as a template, but that will also take some tweaking and installing a bunch of things.

I've never had any problems with TeamViewer on Garuda, although I run Gnome, so I can't confirm its compatibility with KDE.