Garuda download page language selector

On the download page of garuda there is a comboBox i believe it is to select languages but it is displayed in a different language and I find it annoying.

I'm from Sri Lanka and the language spoken by the most in Sri Lanka is in fact Sinhala and that ComboBox is in Sinhala but i'm Tamil and i don't know Sinhala so i had to use google translate to find what it says. It would be better if it stays in English by default.

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Personally, I get the page displayed correctly in German and wouldn't like it if I and everyone else who doesn't have your problem had to change it from English to their language every time. But maybe you just mean that Sri Lanka = Sinhala should be only English?

But since you can easily switch to English or Tamil you don't need a translator from Sinhala to English, do you?


No it wasnt easy as all the languages were shown in sinhala

on the screenshot you provided i dont even know what the current value of comboBox means


Ok, now I understand it. That's bad. :frowning:

It is named here "Tamil"

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This is how tamil looks in tamil
I think this is how it is supposed to look

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I'd like to add that the translations are also hilarious, atleast in Bengali. Do you guys use any AI based translator for that?

Hi there, welcome to the community.

We don't use any kind of IP filtering to set default language by default for any region.

It is the expected behaviour, and is working fine here, in India.

This might depend on your browser, who may automatically translate it. Try,

  1. Incognito mode
  2. Change browser, preferably Firedragon on Garuda Linux.

Yeah, google translate. It is not feasible to translate to each Language manually for me.


Tried them all. all give the same issue

That's strange. Let me see what I can do....


I got curious about this and dug around a little. My hunch was that DNS was playing a role. To test, I connected to a few remote VPNs to see how this page would load up.

Here is Thailand:




Hong Kong:

It looks like the Google Translate API is configured to default to certain languages based on the location of the DNS server the site is connected to.

Interestingly I connected to Vietnam in a regular browser window (not private), and it still loaded the language for Vietnam. That tells me whatever cookie data Google uses for Google Translate does not factor in to the behavior of this widget (I think it is just DNS).

@Dr.porkchop unfortunately for you, it looks like Google has assigned the Sinhala language to the DNS servers in Sri Lanka. Any websites that use the Google Translate API are probably going to default to that as long as you are connected to a DNS server in Sri Lanka. Practice learning what "English" and "Tamil" look like in Sinhala! :joy:


Obviously it's totally not possible. But with the help of community this can be fixed. Like I can help to translate in Bengali and Hindi :slight_smile:

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Well, Hindi and many other languages are not a problem, but we can not translate to this many languages. Plus it would be very very difficult to maintain.

So, current system is better, imo


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