Garuda doesn't run in Windows Hyper-V

Why NOT? One of the purposes of VMs is to be able to run multiple OS environments on a single PC. My reason for attempting to run Garuda Linux in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine is that I'm learning Linux and trying to decide on an ultimate distribution to use permanently. I only have a couple of computers and they are all in use. So a VM is a great way to experience a variety of OSes without paying for a new PC. Once I'm comfortable with a distribution I will provision another machine to run it on or replace windows on one of the existing PCs.

Unfortunately, Garuda Linux is scratched off my list because not only can I not run it in a VM to learn it, I cannot get any help here about why not or how to run it in a VM. Instead, we get, "why would you do this?"

Some of us have to use windows. It's not a "smack" addiction, it's the real world. Then when we try to use and try a Linux distro like this we get insults like being a drug addict? Not very professional IMO.

I guess since I can't try out this OS in a VM and I'm considered an addict here I will pass it on by and use something else.

well totally true
it is not meant to be professional
its a hobbiest distro

and thats what keeps us going
a hobby or something to kill time


That's fine - there are plenty of distros out there. The Garuda download page specifically says it's not designed to run as a VM.


Perhaps if you had read the forum more regularly you'd realize my comment was a little tongue in cheek and not taken my remark so seriously.

Kind of like I have a hard time taking comments from a user with a nick like @Malagent who has only been registered less than an hour very seriously.

It's pretty obvious you only registered to troll our forum, so enjoy whatever other distro turns your crank. Bye for now.


Because vm don't work properly with many features that Garuda include by default. And we are polite enough to say sorry on our part instead of accusing other's software.

You have live boot, if you want to try it out.

We have right to have fun and do kidding on our forums. And it is clearly visible by the grinning emoji (:grin:).

So is it more professional to post on 2 months old post? Or have angry faces on old jokes, that were never meant for you?

Then why didn't you pass by? Why did you even create account on forums? I am pretty sure that you must have seen that thread before signing up. Then why did you waste your time and post such comments on the forums? Are you expecting something from us?