Garuda Discourse not sending emails

Looks like this has come up before but not recently so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate. I just tried to join the forum and never received a confirmation email to let me complete the process. I tried a couple different emails and checked junk but no luck. I was able to just use my GitHub to get signed up when that didn’t work but it looks like password reset emails aren’t going out either.

Other than setting a password and enabling 2FA I’m good for the moment but wanted to give you a heads up.

Welcome :slight_smile:

I send a new confirmation email, forum software set it to primary mail, or did you confirm? :smiley:

I still don’t see anything but the notifications from GitHub for using them as the auth provider and my junk folder is completely clear. I signed up for a seven or eight other Discourses that I’ve been lurking on today and didn’t have any trouble with any others. I’ve triple checked the email address for typos but it’s definitely correct.

Is there any kind of big provider behind your domain, like M365? Any spam blocker?


No, pretty standard Fastmail account, no added spam blockers or other tools. That said, I got five emails over 45 minutes a couple of hours ago and when I just did a password reset that email arrived immediately. Maybe some weird delay somewhere but it’s working now.

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