Garuda debian

Could you guys launch garuda debain KDE dragonized? I was looking into something with stability like debian also for looks and feel like KDE dragonized.

Garuda=Linux distribution
Debian=Linux distribution
Garuda is not Debian
Choose one of the two, whichever is best for your needs.



Spend some time with Garuda KDE Dr460nized, learn how to tweak KDE and Linux systems in general (the underlying Arch can be a bit more complex but is definitely a fantastic "gym") then, if you really want, go back to Debian and start tweaking in according to your liking.
But you'll miss Garuda and you'll come back... :wink:


You could very easily make Debian look like Garuda's Dragonized KDE. Spend some time at the KDE Store

Please note the emphasis on you.


The only thing I would add to this is it is FAR easier to find one programs in Garuda or any Arch based distro than it is in Debian, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, etc...


^^^ This.

If you want a Debian base, look at LMDE. Cinnamon can be made to be quite functional.

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