Garuda Cinnamon! Ensuring continued support!

Just you guys know it ain't gonna die!

This is a thread to start a discussion about the future maintenance of the Cinnamon edition iso's!

Cinnamon is a free and open-source desktop environment for the X Window System that derives from GNOME 3 but follows traditional desktop metaphor conventions.

I started my journey with cinnamon so I have a soft spot for it! It is not my daily driver I'll admit but I'd love to be able to continue it's existence for myself and everyone else!

Soar on!


Are you volunteering as Maintainer?


Yes! I am!


Well just did a metal install (typing from it!) on my old Thinkpad X21 (so it is not the most accurate reading). But cinnamon is solid!

A few things I'm thinking about

  • It's a pretty big iso (2..2gb) - perhaps we could thin it down

  • The green hightlighting on the bar is too bright - you can't see the icons the bar so i'll tone that down EDIT : Nevermind I can't do that it's built into the Sweet Theme

Otherwise cinnamon is pretty good! Not much wrong!


You could edit the sweet theme.

2.2GB isn't that big of an ISO these days! Wouldn't a Cinnamon lite just be XFCE :crazy_face: ?


Yeh I realised that most of the other iso are similar. Cinnamon is pretty solid to be honest not much needs being done!