Garuda-boot-options does not shows manually installed themes

garuda-boot-options is a decent app that allows manipulating various grub settings graphically
However it does not list any new themes installed from AUR or pacman .
Since they dont paste the theme in /boot/grub/themes ,
It would be more convenient if the app would list every installed theme from /boot/grub/themes and /usr/share/grub/themes/ in a dropdown list

/usr/share/grub/themes is the loaction where all manually installed themes are present

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You can list themes from wherever you choose to store them. Just click on the button that is showing where the theme is loading from:

This opens up a file explorer window:

You can navigate to any folder you like. If you wish to continue storing your special grub themes in /usr/share/grub/themes, just navigate to that folder.



SGS why the long face?


Sorry, my mistake. Removed. :slight_smile:


It works like that but having a drop down menu like in kvantum would be more convenient

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