Garuda boot issue

I recently ran an update through terminal on my garuda following that i am now having issues booting, shows a weird screen and gets stuck on that screen I believe its my boot screen im new to garuda and linux in general.

you have to read the text that says you have to post your garuda-inxi or you wont get much help here..rules are rules.

my advice, if you are new to linux to go find another distro. This is arch, we are all sadists for even running arch. as far as Linux goes arch is about as hard as it gets..garuda is much easier than most arch issues but things often go wrong and even those of use with years of linux experience, computer programming experience and high IQ's find it challenging at times.

arch linux is not for newcomers in my opinion. i recommend Ubuntu for beginners. i hate ubuntu personally and you are better off not knowing why but its very new user friendly.. if you want a distro that can game a bit but is easy to use try pop OS but starting linux on arch is a terrible idea in my opinion.

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This is not Arch, it is Garuda. Pop_OS is not Ubuntu, Ubuntu is not Debian, and Garuda is not Arch.

You are right about one thing though:

@LizardSquad1337 please post the output of:


Please describe the screen you are getting stuck on with more detail, including any messages or other text on the screen to help people figure out what is happening on your system.


Could be related with

Hold shift while booting, choose a snapshot on boot menu, restore the snapshot and update.
If you are using stock kernel, the update should show you 5.18**.16** or newer is going to be installed. If it doesn't, refresh mirrors.


"...I'm having issues booting into Garuda..."

"You have to post the output of garuda-inxi before getting any support".

Too funny.

This can easily be done with a live ISO, which you should always have ready in case of emergency.

If booting into a snapshot does not work, you can use this to repair the system via chroot.


Now that IS very helpful.

Thanks for sharing that.

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