Garuda Blackarch Issue

Now, I am installing blackarch Garuda linux on my machine.
At the time of writing I'm having dragonized version.
I downloaded the iso image from torrent and used dd command to make my pendrive bootable through the terminal.

But when I booted through my usb, the following was thrown :

**Minimal Bash-like editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completion. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.

Grub .**
Sorry for not uploading the image but the forum was not supporting the image coz of it's size.

Looking forward for anyone who can help me.

It just sounds like either a corrupt download or a bad USB drive. Verify the checksum and try everything again.


I might also suggest that you create a backup image of your current Garuda install, so that if you have issues installing the Black Arch version of Garuda you can restore your working version

As was mentioned on the release notes, the BlackArch version of Garuda should only be installed by advanced users. It is an experimental edition produced by the Devs to scratch an itch they had for producing something different.

If you want to play with pentesting stuff you are expected to be a fully competent Linux user. Those wanting to install this edition are expected to already know what they are doing and be able to handle issues that arise themselves.

I can't speak for the Devs, but if the BlackArch edition ends up creating a ton of support requests it will likely end up suffering the same fate as the Garuda Deepin edition. It was eventually dropped because it just wasn't worth the time it took to support it' s buggy nature.

Black Arch and Garuda are entirely two separate projects. Attempting to meld them together is only experimental. As such you should understand that if you want to run a pentesting edition you are expected to be an advanced Linux user. Users of this new edition are expected to be able to work through issues themselves. If your unable to manage on your own, perhaps you shouldn't be installing an advanced experimental pentesting OS.


As per you told , I did verified the checksum and surprisingly it's same.

And my pendrive too is not corrupted.


Yeah I am having knowledge of what Linux is and how actually does it works.

Because I never gone through this type of problem, I insisted you'll to help.


I usually run a pair of USB drives to occasionally try new distros. I've noticed that there are times when booting one of the drives kicks out a bash boot error ... if both drives are loaded with Arch-based distros, regardless of manufacturer of drives.

Although I can't tell you why this behaves like this, I can tell you that if I flip-flop the distros on the USB drives, the error usually goes away & the live session starts as it is intended to.

Each and every time = the distro & checksum match perfectly.

Can you try loading Garuda on another USB stick?


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