Garuda - Black screen on boot

Hello there,

I’m not THAT Tech savvy so be patient with me please.

So basically I got myself a new GPU, RX 6800 XT. I’ve installed it a couple of weeks ago & all was working well. I didn’t really know what resizable-bar was, spotted it in the Radeon settings on Windows, so I downloaded GPU-Z and it told me I need to disable CSM in the EUFI.

Okay fine… Silly me goes and does that.

Hmm, nothing is booting… Both my Windows Drive & Garuda drive are encrypted. Let’s re-enable it.

Re-enable CSM.

Okay Windows now works… Let’s test Garuda.

My Garuda nvme ssd just goes to a black screen, computer seizes, zero error or any text at all on screens & it seems I have zero function to do anything. The drive is encrypted I might add with what Garuda comes with, I believe it’s LUKS if I’m correct.

So… I’m hoping one of you who are pro’s with this know how to help me as that Garuda drive ironically has all my important work files and so forth. I don’t really know a way forward with it but I do know I need whatever is on the drive.

So if any of you legends can help me recover, it would be much appreciated !


CPU: I7 6700K
GPU: RX 6800 XT
RAM: 16GB Corsair Dominators
MB: ASUS Strix H270F

Since you had to change something in your BIOS, just as a sanity check, make sure that in your BIOS settings your SATA controller is set to AHCI mode as opposed to RAID mode or something like that.
If that doesn’t work, boot from your live USB and try “chrooting” into your installed system using the relevant button in the Garuda Welcome page.
Quite frankly I don’ know if this works out of the box in the LUKS encryption case.
If not, there is a manual procedure that could be adjusted for that use case.


Hi there,

Many thanks for this. It didn’t end up being the solution, but in a sense did.

It was already set to AHCI fortunately ! But simply plugging the USB with Garuda on it, somehow got the drive to work, I’ve now restarted the machine multiple times with & without the USB in it and it somehow just magically works. It’s as if something from the USB stick activated something in a sense. I couldn’t tell you !

But thanks for recommending it.

Many thanks.

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P.S I don’t know how to mark this thread as complete, so if a mod could do it, many thanks !

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