Garuda Assistant Request: Copy/Paste Command Option

I think Garuda Assistant is great. It's near the top of my list of badass things in Linux. I try to avoid it, however, because it does things for us too easily. We are able to fix things without ever knowing how they got fixed. I personally would be able to use it a lot more if we were able to copy and paste the commands that it uses to fix things into a terminal as an included option. I think it would help bring more understanding to the users if they wanted. They would be able to see the commands and look up the options and understand what's really going on. Just an idea, take it or leave it.

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It is designed for people that do not care what it has a shiny button :hugs:


You are actually the one that gave me the idea, @SGS . I had asked @tbg how I would learn if I used a gui. Then when you posted a screenshot of grsync, I saw that it actually taught you what it was doing. Or at least showed you so that you could learn.

There is all in the arch wiki, trust me :wink:

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I am far from understanding even a fraction of what the developers do here.
But I have learned over the years how to search "properly".

If anyone wants to learn, that would be my advice to any interested user.
Since everything is already on the net we decided in the team not to post everything again in the forum, there are always exceptions :slight_smile: , or to spoon feed the people.

This does not help anyone, not even the moderators.

Despite the more than 4000 users here are only a few requests for help, because the great mass knows to help themselves.
Isn't that wonderful?

Even the requested inxi is posted more and more often without asking.

I am really proud of these users.

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If you really don't think the Garuda assistant would be more useful with a teaching option then I will let this rest. I would imagine the Garuda Assistant could be made into a teaching tool combination without too much effort but I could be wrong. And I don't even mean a teaching option. I only mean an option to see the command so that we can use it to teach ourselves.

I have learned a lot from the aliases in the file because I can see the commands. But I wouldn't learn a thing just running the aliases.


Unfortunately if this is your goal you may want to reconsider your distribution of choice. Not your fault in any way...There is a limit to what can be done and not cause breakages and what is really needed.



You obviously don't know me very well.

I have only passed on my opinion here.
If you don't find things in the Garuda gitlab it can still happen that the developers take over your suggestion, I can't and wouldn't do it. :smiley:


I am sorry am I supposed to?

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I only mean that if you were to look over a few of my posts you would know that what you said does not apply to me.

You might even be surprised that I was able to keep my cool at such an insult. I can be a hothead. But I know you meant no harm and I'm aware of my flaw.

My name is David Pratt and you're welcome to know me if you like.

I don't care to see the direction this conversation is going. Please act like gentlemen, gentlemen.