Garuda Assistant - "Clear logs" button -> Notification "Clear cache / Cache cleared"

Hello everybody,
I just wanted to report a very minor point I noticed.
Today, for the first time actually, I pushed the "Clear logs" button in the Garuda Assistant and I noticed that the relevant notification says "Clear cache / Cache cleared".
Shouldn't this have been something like "Clear logs / Logs cleared"?
I use Garuda Dr460nized ed. Spotted-Eagle if that matters.

Edit: Investigating a little bit more, it seems to me that the button is triggering
clearing the .cache of Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
So maybe only the Button name is misleading?


I am not the programmer, but in the script the font memory is restored.
The journal log is trimmed down to three days,
the rest is the cache of 4 browsers, but in my opinion still missing are
Librewolf and Firedragon :slight_smile: plus 2 thumbnails caches.

So, more cache than log :wink:


Changed the button to say "clear caches", which is a more fitting description of what it does. Thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:


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