Garuda as a first distro was a bad choice (/s)

Because of Garuda…

I don’t have an insatiable addiction to distro-hopping that every noob worth their salt should have. Garuda has therefore made me a defective noob because the tools provided are too good, and everything just runs way too smoothly!
How on earth am I supposed to learn anything new if I’m too lazy to even run anything else long-term?! It’s a disaster!

As a result, in order to blend into the noob crowd a bit better, I’ve tried other OS on my backup/LAN server laptop such as Fedora and Debian (which I think I’ll be keeping on there for a long time… :joy: )

Anywho, the reason behind this post with the clickbaity title is… it’s been a year since I first switched to Linux from Windows 10! :partying_face: To think it all started with some nasty BSODs and a whole lotta boredom.

The beginning of my Linux journey was a bit rocky - the laptop getting stuck on the boot process was a big one, but then out of nowhere, it stopped (probably some NVIDIA update fixed it). Things have been smooth sailing since then (aside from that kernel bug that affected Dell XPS 15 9560s), which has only been helped by how quickly the Garuda team go in and patches things up if there’s any kind of mishap.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Garuda team for the amazing OS experience, and to the community for what you all do, from all the help to posting amazingly informative content. Not only is this a genuinely enjoyable community to be part of, but it’s also a pleasure to be able to contribute to (though frankly, I haven’t done a whole lot). There’s always something interesting happening here, whether it’s the funny posts or some kind of technical problem that stumps everyone :smiley:

You’ve really done a great job making this distro accessible to users of all Linux experience levels. The Arch wiki does play a big role in that too, but as mentioned before, all the tools and the community chats are the main contributing factors in my opinion.

I used to think that Linux was all about the command line and it was for hackermen or nerds who don’t have a life, but Garuda has changed all that.
Now I’m the nerd with no life who uses the command line for more things than I ever thought :rofl: unfortunately, I’m still not a hacker, though my non-tech-savvy real-life friends would probably think otherwise if the terminal were open.

A year ago, never did I think I would contribute to open source and change the operating system that came with the hardware. Thank you, Windows, for breaking! :joy:

So yeah I wanted to post my appreciation here. It’s been an absolutely fantastic year with you all, and I hope to continue seeing all of you around. :_garuda_: :sparkling_heart:

(By the way, Garuda is a great distro to start with… you just have to be prepared to gird your loins a bit with your research skills, and quell your fear of the terminal). :wink:
I wasn’t sure whether to put this in Garuda Community or Feedback, so into the safer category it is! :slight_smile:


I started with Ubuntu Mate some months ago. There you don’t really need terminal. Everything is available in GUI. Now if I go there back, it’ll be just boring I think.
AND yeah, I’m a distro-hopper too :wink:
Even after installing Garuda, I’ve tried changing to something else multiple times (for eg. Endaevour OS, Kali linux, Debian, Pear OS) but just stayed.
I replied to this post of yours because I had same problems with windows 10 and I am a complete noob, so I think I understand your feelings!


Haha you could always run the commands there instead of using the GUI apps! Pacman Rosetta to the rescue :smiley:
That’s what I do when I have to touch Mint, Fedora etc. You’re right that it’s kinda boring otherwise.

That’s the magic of Garuda ;D it’s the same with me… I can touch all the Linux distros I want, but none of them make me want to replace my Garuda install on my main device.

I see you’re pretty fresh - welcome to the Garuda community! I hope you enjoy your time here and learn heaps. The fact that you’re already using a different kernel is a good sign in my book. :smiley:


Not only is this a great click bait title, in the search engines many people will just read the title and think to themselves, I better keep my hands off Garuda Linux. This could prevent us from being spared a user glut, M$ to Garuda.
However, it will also be able to deter Linux users.


maybe if the poster added a /s to the end of the title it could help?


Oh man we both sound so close. :grin: I too completed my 1 year journey on the forum this month and the reason for the switch was frustration with windows. In my case I had been using ubuntu in a VM for a while then tried various distros in a virtualbox like externos I remember trying it’s beta version and had the project stabilized I might have gone with it. Ubuntu was just not cutting it for me. It looks too bland and honestly outdated to me. Me being the lazy guy I am wanted everything already set up for me. I just lack the imagination to make beautiful UI’s.

Searching the list of beautiful linux distro’s I came across garuda and tried using it in the VM for close to a year. Needless to say the experience in VM was quite laggy and I couldn’t use it for anything other than terminal. The first time I tried the terminal it kept giving me mcfly error folder not found. I can’t remember what exactly the folder name was but it kept complaining about it every new line and I just knew nothing about arch. I gave the system to my friend who somehow managed to brick the terminal trying to remove mcfly. :rofl: and he was someone who had experience using manjaro and had hopped to ubuntu after it. Anyway reinstalled it in the VM and this time I just created the dir mcfly was complaining about and it stopped complaining…

I mostly used garuda for just using the terminal and using vim and running gcc, even though I had MinGW in windows. The reason for this search for a linux distro was that windows had me frustrated honestly I was quite scared of switching distro, had been an average user who had never even looked at BIOS or assembled PC so the concept of flashing a new OS on my system had me quite stressed. Still went ahead with the switch and here we are a year from that date.

I have honestly never tried any other linux distro’s from that point on. I do have vanilla arch on my VM because I wanna feel superior doing manual command line arch installation following the wiki. :grin:. That’s still a work in progress due to various reasons but something I plan to conquer and then move on to gentoo and lfs. I am not changing my main distro as garuda ever though.


Yeah, they really gave me first impression when I first used it as grandpa OS :sweat_smile:
But yeah it had for long time been user friendly, not now as it’s soo “snappy” now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No problem, done :joy: I blame my tiredness for not thinking of the search engine implications of that clickbait title! :rofl:

And now you’re a leader! :partying_face:
Considering how much you’ve contributed to this community, I didn’t know you were only here for one year before you mentioned it. That says quite a lot! Thought you were here for ages. :joy:

This hit me so hard with other distro offerings too. If I’m gonna get a new OS, the UI should be fresh! :heart_on_fire:


Now that you’ve become comfortable with Garuda and lost your fear of the terminal and think you’ll never distrohop, I’ve got some bad news for you. You’ve just gotten started.

If you think you’re learning Linux, you’re not. You’ve been learning Garuda. Now, don’t get me wrong; Garuda is only one aspect of Linux. One little spot in a near-Universe of Linux distributions, large and small. Heck, you haven’t even explored Arch, the Big Daddy of Garuda and a couple dozen others. But I understand you. :wink:

What is so cool is that Garuda fills all of your Linux-for-lifetime holes. For now. :smiley:

But I know Linux users, so I know you. And Linux users–Linux learners–are explorers. Experimenters. Willing to go beyond the crowd. And so are you. You may not know or believe it all, but I do.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Today. And that’s very cool.


According to 100% of my classmates (IT systems administration!), having the terminal open and doing regular updates is equal to hacking the NASA :smiley: So you have a point there! :rofl:

Glad to see you are having a great experience, posts like that are what can make a people’s day :smiley: ! And it’s fantastic to see your contributions as of late :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I think that may fit very well! There are phases when I think I was set forever, then there is a sudden urge to explore Gentoo again. Or NixOS. or insertrandomdistrohere :joy: But one thing about Garuda is certainly very true for me: I always come back. Just a few days ago I replaced my full NixOS installation with Garuda again :grimacing:


But, you are wise enough that you would might have build an ISO of it first :grin:

And in future can start from the same place where you left all :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha true, who knows… maybe on my next pc, I’ll do a multi-boot of several different distros :joy:
My current one only has 512GB and 2 USB ports, and I could upgrade the storage but this laptop is getting old. So we will see :smiley:

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That’s not learning Linux, that’s just learning to multiboot. Since you say you do not fear the dreaded Terminal, and we know you can read, why not go here:
And do this: Installation guide - ArchWiki

A printer and/or cellphone are virtually required tools.

Have fun! And…



Read the /s at the end of the title and started nodding and smiling as I clicked your bait. Read your first few sentences and I can’t agree more. It’s a great distro if you want something that JUST. WORKS.

Troubleshooting things that go wrong (user errors) have made me a better linux user, and when I just can’t figure out my own stupidity, this forum and staff have been helpful and encouraging. Staff are quick to jump on feature requests that are truly additive, and they’re working hard – ultimately for their users. THANK YOU! You care so much and it shows.

Love Garuda. It’s been my default suggestion for a distro for over a year now when friends ask me.


I agree with pretty much everything said above. Garuda is the Main OS on both my Daily Driver PC and the Laptop.

I’m lucky that i have a mini PC on my desk connected to the monitors. A quick download and flash to a usb lets me install new distros in about 15 minutes. The latest two were EndeaverOS and XeroLinux. XeroLinux came out top with some good ideas but is not, well, Garuda.

Keep up the good work


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